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M760DHBS - Drag Feed Shovel with Hydraulic Skip Loader - Diesel Screed Pump

The M760 DHBS Drag Feed Shovel with hydraulic skip loader is a fantastic time and labour-saving machine.

Using a built-in remote-control, the drag feed shovel can load the sand into a hydraulically operated skip at the rear of the machine. With the push of a lever the skip is lifted vertically, and the sand is loaded directly into the empty vessel.

The need to manually shovel sand from the ground into the machine is eliminated, significantly reducing risk of strain to the operator's arms and back.

The time taken between screed deliveries from the pump is greatly reduced, as materials are gathered and prepared to be loaded straight into the machine whilst the screed pump is pumping its previous load to its required destination. Output is increased by 25% from 4 cubic metres to 5 cubic metres per hour.

Although this machine can be used in various work situations it is more suited to larger jobs where a semi-permanent work station can be established.

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Technical data - M760DHBS
Output: 5 m/h
Delivery pressure: 7 bar
Delivery horizontal reach: App. 200 m
Delivery vertical reach: App.50 storeys
Compressor: 5.33 m/min; control pressure 7 bar
Drive engine: BF3M Diesel engine 47kW
Weight: 2000kg
Filling height: 600mm
Max grain: 16mm
Length: 4500 mm over all
Width: 1500mm
Height: 1450mm (2410 mm with skip set vertically)
Company Registration Number 4049108 : VAT No GB 759 9055 76